The story of Enocibus begins with the desire to realize a dream, the  famous “secret dream” that Claudio, the owner, had wanted to realize  for a long time, putting to work his vast experience in the world of  wine, gained in over fifty years of working in wine and gourmet food  producing companies.

The project was born in the summer of 2000.
First thing, a name was needed that immediately gave the idea of what  one could taste, in that cozy corner, nestled in a lane in the center  of Verona (Vicolo Pomodoro 3) just steps from the Arena. Here is the idea: Yes, certainly “ENO” the prefix for all that  concerns wine, and here there are wines of all kinds, to be carried  home or to enjoy here at leisure, knowledgably matched with dishes  created expressly for them, and from here “CIBUS”, yes, yes food, ok,  perfect—ENOCIBUS.
You ask yourselves, the plural that I used before, was it only a  plural of royalty, or is there someone else who together with Claudio  manages this spot?

Certainly, allow me to introduce myself, I am Titti, the better half,  the writer, the bookkeeper, the decorator, the buyer, the manager of  public relations and flowers.
And that’s only the beginning!
On the 31st of October, with the blending of our work experience and a  lot of positive energy, we finally opened ENOCIBUS, a spot that in a  very short while has become notable both for its wines and cuisine and 
as a meeting place.  The atmosphere is pleasing and familiar, and as  our notable restaurateur friend said of us, “Every evening you and  Claudio set the table and cook for your guests as if you were at home, 
with love and distinctive taste, with the only difference being that  afterward they pay the bill.”

Enocibus - Vicolo Pomodoro, 3 - 37121 Verona
tel./fax +39 045 594010 - cell  phone 335 6576748